3 reasons realtors need a personal website to top their sales game

With growing digital presence across the real estate industry and agents building their personal brands, you might find yourself wondering — maybe I need a website too? That’s a big commitment, how am I going to maintain all the technical side (domain name, hosting, Google Core updates, tracking and platform upgrades just to name a few) of the website? Is it actually worth doing that?

Having all sorts of information and opinions online can be overwhelming. Friends and family leave you puzzled either with many yes’es and no’s. By doing what we do best for 16+ years, which is digital presence and marketing for realtors, we assure you that personally branded websites became a must-have.  

There are some important things to remember when considering whether it’s worth having your personal website:

Firstly, your website is a great way to build your personal brand and community that supports you. It allows you to freely express yourself, share your knowledge, ideas and bring more traffic to you. Your website is your virtual profile and it’s the first thing people see which leads us to the philosophical question —  do first impressions matter? In the real estate industry — they certainly do. A good first impression can change both your and your clients life, so let’s make it count.

Building a strong online presence can help you stay ahead of your competitors. Of course, big companies such as realestate.com.au, domain.com.au, property.com.au and other are investing thousands of dollars into building their authority. It’s great, however everyone needs to start somewhere, so the first step is getting a SEO-ready website and generating qualitative organic content, providing good images, giving Google all the information it requires and starting to rank in Google search. Once it happens, the only way is up and this is.. to the first page!

Last but not least… Website is where lead generation happens. Yes, exactly, the traffic we mentioned above needs to start converting and bringing you more revenue. Things like proper UX (user experience), UI (user interface), CRO (conversion rate optimisation) improvements, SEO (Search engine optimisation aka ‘free’ traffic) optimisation, lead forms and all the other little yet very important things are what make your website stand out in your users eyes. If your website generates significant traffic, it can convert and become a client of yours. Sounds exciting!

And what if you are working in a real estate agency and they already have a website? It’s wonderful as you can use their authority to be present in the digital world, however it also limits you in terms of branding, tone of voice, images, marketing etc. The massive websites tend to be slow and they do not let you shine through all the other agents you are there together with. Worth keeping in mind that you might one day change your workplace, but you will most likely not change your name aka brand which is why investing in a personal website is a long term shot. 

So here you have it, three crucial reasons why a website is a must in a digital Realtors toolset. 

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